When stepping into the world of men’s formal fashion, a tailored suit is often considered a benchmark of style and sophistication. Getting adjustments or alterations made to your ready-to-wear or previously purchased suit guarantees that the garments fit perfectly. If you’re in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and considering getting your suit tailored, here’s what you need to know about the costs and other considerations involved.

How long does it take to tailor a suit?

The time required to tailor a suit largely depends on the extent and nature of the adjustments needed, as well as what material the suit is made of. Common alterations include tapering pants’ legs or jacket sleeves, taking in or letting out the jacket waist, and adjusting the shoulders. For minor alterations like hemming pants or shortening jacket sleeves, it can take as little as 1-2 days. More extensive work, like adjusting the jacket’s shoulders, might require up to 1 week before return as this is a more complex procedure.

Please note: Always communicate with our tailor about your needs and timeline, especially if you’re preparing for a specific event.

How much does a tailored suit cost?

At Eddie’s Men Store, the cost of tailoring a suit varies based on what alterations you desire and where you bought the suit from. Here are some of our prices for tailoring in-house purchases:

  • Tapering Pants: $15.
  • Shortening Sleeves with tab: $25.
  • Taking in or letting out the jacket waist: $30.
  • Adjusting Jacket Shoulders: $50-$75. This is one of the most intricate and labor-intensive alterations.
  • Taking in or letting out the vest: $40.

For the full list of our tailoring services and prices, click here.

Please note: our prices for tailoring out-of-house purchases are slightly higher. Thank you.

Is it best to get a suit tailored where you buy it or at a tailor shop?

When purchasing a pre-made suit, the question often arises: Should you get adjustments done at the same place or take it to a specialized tailor shop?

Advantages of Adjusting at the Place of Purchase

  1. Familiarity: The establishment where you buy your suit is familiar with its construction and materials. Hence, they can ensure that adjustments are in line with the suit’s design.
  2. Cost: If there’s a tailor on the ground, it is usually more affordable to get your suit tailored where you buy it.

Benefits of a Specialized Tailor Shop

  1. Expertise: A dedicated tailor shop might have more expertise in handling various kinds of adjustments and might be better equipped for significant alterations.
  2. Availability: If for any reason you can’t return to the shop of purchase, a specialized tailor shop will prove to be a handy alternative.

Suit and Tuxedo Tailor in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Eddie’s Men Store is your trusted destination for an expert tuxedo and suit tailor in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. We offer this service for both in-house and out-of-store purchases. Our skilled tailor delivers precision and elegance, bringing a perfect fit to your every garment, every time. If you are in need of expert suit and tuxedo tailoring in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, be sure to give us a call to confirm availability and drop by the store to enhance your suit for a flawless fit!

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