Dress Hat Catalogs

Ordering From our Dress Hat Catalogs

Welcome to our Dress Hat Catalogs, where you can explore a diverse range of exquisite hats with the convenience of easy ordering and quick delivery. Whether you need a formal dress hat or a stylish accessory, we have something for everyone.

When you browse our Dress Hat Catalogs, you can expect your hat to arrive in as little as 3 days, and we’ll promptly notify you once it’s ready for pickup. Ordering through Eddies ensures a seamless experience, making both your order and any potential returns hassle-free. Plus, if the dress hat you ordered doesn’t fit perfectly, we offer solutions like hat stretchers and E.T.C. to make necessary adjustments.


Types of Hats We Carry

Our collection features various dress hat types, catering to different styles and occasions. One of our top offerings is Wool Felt dress hats, crafted from natural wool fibers meticulously treated and pressed together to create a sturdy and dense felt material. These dress hats strike a balance between affordability and excellent quality, making them a popular choice.

For warm-weather events and formal gatherings, our Straw dress hats are a hit. Made from various straw types, including Panama straw, sisal straw, and raffia straw, these dress hats are not only lightweight but also breathable, ensuring utmost comfort during outdoor occasions.

If you’re attending an elegant affair, consider our Silk dress hats. Especially designed for very formal occasions, they exude luxury and sophistication. Silk is used for decorative elements like hat bands or bows, adding a touch of refinement to your ensemble.

To complete your dress hat collection, we provide hat accessories such as hat boxes, feathers, insoles cushions, and more, catering to your specific needs and preferences.

Experience the pleasure of finding the perfect dress hat at our store. From Wool Felt to Straw, Silk, and Satin dress hats, we offer an array of choices to suit your style and elevate your look. Visit our Dress Hat Catalogs today and discover the world of elegant headwear that awaits you.